Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers

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“Moments of rock ‘n’ roll duende. The last time I enjoyed that much trichordal attitude was with another band in which all the members shared a surname. But the Ramones have left the building, so long live the Dangers.” 
– Alan Smithee, rocker.
“Their enthusiasm for playing together is contagious” 
– Offbeat Magazine

New Orleans Preeminent Rockabilly Band, Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers makes up one of the finest concept driven rock bands to emerge from the underbelly since the French colonization of Louisiana. With an epic premier show at Chazfest 2010, (quickly followed by a legendary farewell show and a heroic Reunion show)  the Danger Dangers quickly overtook the New Orleans Rockabilly scene and have been dominating ever since. They were nominated for Best Emerging Artists and Best Album in 2015 (OffBeat Magazine and the Gambit), and have played sold out shows to crowds all across New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana.   

Rory Danger - lead vox, saxophone
Pepe Peligroso -MC also guitar
C-Jay Danger - guitar also bongos
D'Ranger Danger - drums
Billy Digits Danger - piano
Spike Danger - guitar 
Professor Potts - bass, screams
and sometimes
Kid Danger - bass
C-Wayne - guitar