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Thank you Threadheads


Rory Danger and the Danger Dangers are pleased to announce the we have been awarded a coveted grant from the Threadhead Cultural Foundation.  This shall be purposed into one of the most amazing undertakings known to humankind, a double vinyl release most likely to be titled "The Age of Invention".   Stay tuned...

Looking for Trouble - Spike Danger Tribute


Dearest comrades 

June the 8th, 2020, marked one year since our beloved Spike Danger made his transition. He gave us all he had, including this original Spike composition, Looking for Trouble. Now. Turn the volume up quite loud, take a long pull of some dark rum, and imagine you are in a dark, sweaty bar on a thick Louisiana winter night. You see his knowing wink, you see him bend down, turn his amplifier all the way up, and you really do hear that guitar. Miss you Spike.